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Cataclysm In New Orleans
(New Orleans, Berlin 2006, 59min)

The aftermath of hurricane Katrina: a disastrous crisis management, instrumentalized to  change the face of the city and its ethnic constitution. New Orleaniens speak about their experiences and odysseys.

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"We are girls, but...- Women artists in Romania between everyday life and visions"
46 min, OV (engl.), 2006
Made by Kathatrina Koch and Marie du Vinage.

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E: The documentary portrays five young and one older women artists who are living and working in different cities of Romania. Each story can stand for itself, but the film relates them to each other through a specific aesthetic for one hand and by following similar subjects, in order to contrast different attitudes, ways of living and working (art works/projects) in the context of the contemporary art scene in Romania. The camera accompanies the different women during their everyday life activities (at home, in the studio, with friends) and to special events (exhibition opening, art party...). In very close and personal pictures the film gives a deeper insight into the individual life situations. The women tell about their art work, everyday life routine and the difficulties to bring the „two domains“ of producing art, being creative and having a job for living, together. Another topic dedicates to the special experiences and problems of being a woman artist in an environment in which still prevails an old fashioned mentality regarding gender roles/relations in society.

Parada Rownosci - CSD in Warsaw, June 2006

11 min. (dt./engl. version, 2006)
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Between Walls and Favelas
Police violence in Rio de Janeiro

junge balanciert auf mauer "I saw bodies wrapped in a sheet. Blood was dripping out of it. I blacked-out.
That was after what happened to my son". (Marcia Oliveira Jacintho)
Marcia lives in one of Rio's favelas. Her son is one of the 1193 people who have been shot dead by police in 2003 in the carnical city. A sharp increase of police killings have enforced its notoriety as one of the world's most violent forces of order. The victims are mostly young blacks from the poor neighbourhoods. In this brazilian/german co-produced documentary by AK-Kraak (Berlin), ATreVer and TV Tagarela (Rio de Janeiro) we let activists come to word, aswell as the first-hand accounts of people living in the favelas about their every-day experiences and their struggle for justice.

The film impresses with its closeness and gives a voice to those who otherwise aren't heard.

documentary, 60 min, with subtitles, Brazil/Germany 2005
Directed by: Susanne Dzeik, Kirsten Wagenschein, Marcio Jeronimo


Waking up the Nation

gefangene hinter zaun "Waking Up The Nation" documents in form of a road-movie about the real-life journey of a group of people travelling on a colourfull "Refugee Freedom Bus" which rides around Australia to visit refugees inside the country's notorious immigration detention centres. This film introduces you to many of the children, women and men who are imprisoned in the camps for years, and gives a disturbing insight into the human rights abuses against these people by the hands of the australian authorities and the private corporation which runs the

Documentary, 48 Min, English original w/German & French subtitles, Australia/Germany 2005
Directed by Agostino "Amerigo" Imondi, a VideoTeppista production, presented by Tondar Film Berlin and Ak-Kraak


Current video-mag issue:

Akkraak Magazine #24

Finally it's here! In the twentyfourth issue of our Ak-Kraak video mag we deal with the following issues:

Water privatisaion in South Africa (Orange Farm Water Crisis)
"Die Akte meiner Mutter" ("My mother's criminal records")
"Be on time, once in a lifetime" (Direct action by caravan activists in Hamburg)
Yorck59 stays!- before watch clip after. (A video on one of Berlin's most famous squatted house projects)
CSD Belgrade 2004. (Life for GLBT people in Serbia)
Maria hilf! - CSD in (Altötting). (GLBT parade in a small Bavarian village)
...every day, every night, you are with me. (Berlin's new street police ensuring "law and order") , watch clip
"EheSchein". (The German authorities' discrimination against inter-cultural marriages)

current reports :

Across the highway

In March 2001 the Plan-Puebla-Panama (PPP) came into action, a development programme für Central America. The plan sees the absorbition into the world market of Mexico's southern provinces, which are mainly habitated by indigenous peoples. Three projects shown in this video are an example on how the interests of the indigenous people become obsolete in favour of the transnational companies - but also, that a massive resistance movement has grown in the last few years against the PPP.
More infos on this subject on: http://www.gipfelsturm.net/puebla.htm 2004, Duration, 32 minutes

more info: http://www.gipfelsturm.net/puebla.htm
2004, 32 Minutes


"borderline south-east-europe" (grenzfall südosteuropa)


borderlineborderline, is a one-hour doco about borders, the EU's growth into the East, aswell
as the Roma people - told from the perspective of the people, whom we have met
on our journey.
Ak Kraak 2004, 60 min, english/german



Let the lords do what they want....
Frauen auf dem WSF in Indien

The World Social Forum of 2004 in Mumbai not only broke the tradition of Porto Alegre, by taking the Forum to a mega-city, where especially women are hit hardly by the daily struggle for survival caused by privatisation and the rape of the world's resources. It was also the first Social Forum where a loud voice from the feminist movement's critique of the ruling gender classes could loudly be heard. This issue is covered by this doco, and lets the women from the basis movements and from the international women's organisations come to word.
Ak Kraak 2004, 60 min, Original sound with subtitles.

The European Social Forum
The labour unions and the globalisation-critical movement

Labour Unions and the globalisation-critical Movemenrt. Still overcome by the huge demo on the 1st November, the Unions try an approach
to the part of the movement which is the most critical of globalisation. How can a co-working between the various groups (e.g. Sans Papier,
Sinaltrainal, etc..) look like? There's many differences not only in content, but also in relation to the radicality of the demands and the
forms of actions. Ak Kraak, 18 min